Our Services

With over 20 years of Project Monitoring experience across Canada, C.B. Ross Partners professionals offers in-depth knowledge of alternative funding mechanisms and access to key players in the financial institutions, deposit insurance corporations, and CMHC.

CB Ross Partners services include:


We have strong working relationships with the leading corporate and commercial real estate lenders and developers in Canada providing comprehensive monitoring services.

During the construction period typically financing will be required to assist in paying for the work. We can provide the independent verification to the Lender of the specific payments that are required on a month to month basis. The major deposit insurers (Aviva/Travelers/ GCNA) are well known to us and are currently utilizing our reports for draw purposes.


We provide comprehensive management of all aspects of a construction project from conception to completion of construction and commissioning.


We have extensive experience with the entire development cycle from inception through to completion of residential, commercial and industrial projects.

We are able to bring this knowledge and expertise to assist real estate development companies by providing reasoned real estate advice.

We have provided numerous feasibility reports to assist Developer clients interested in purchasing land and determining the most appropriate price. We have also provided Project and Construction Budgets for different design solutions once the decision to purchase has been made.

We are proficient with MS Project and other forms of schedule tools used in the industry. Our experience allows us to create schedules for projects or critique existing schedules for achievability.

We have developed in-house cost control documents and systems to provide cost control from the inception to completion of all types of Projects. This includes preparing cost plans on concept drawings, schematic design stage, design development stage, through to 80% – 90% contract document drawings. The detailed estimate at the 80% – 90% stage is often utilized by our clients as forms to cross-check the tender pricing from trade contractors in a quantity and also unit rate basis. We work with the design team and Owners to ensure the viability of the overall project and budget and also to ensure the requirements of all parties are achieved.

We can provide a full asset and financial due diligence including a complete examination of project costs to establish the cost to complete and appropriate lender remedies. We will conduct an investigation of prior project cost overruns and provide Expert Witness testimony as required. Dependent on the size and complexity of the Project, C.B. Ross can utilize industry liaisons to ensure that larger or more complex projects receive the necessary manpower to meet Client expectations on any project all through one seamless report from CB Ross Partners.

Other Services
(a) Payment Certification
(b) Expert Witness
(c) Condition Reviews
(d) Reserve Fund Studies
(e) Workout/Receivership